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English classes

Although MOJ SUPER RASPUST is a camp mainly based on sport-related activities, our young students still need a little classroom time. Our English teachers transfer their language knowledge to the students using interesting and original methods. Through various games, children enrich their vocabulary by learning the basics of English.

Children’s fears

Children’s fears as inhibitors (brakes) of progress in development and learning!

This workshop may be the most serious one in our camps. In this workshop, children study the fear development process- which fears occur in what age, etc. The most common children fears are fear of dark and fear of animals or some imaginary beings. Within the frames of the workshop, we teach our campers different ways to overcome certain fears, such as fear of school (school phobia), fear of tests, fear of rejection … We also consider the impact of negative and positive messages on the growth and development of a child’s personality.

Little school of traffic

School of traffic is another educational camp workshop. During the theoretical part of the workshop, children learn the basic traffic rules. The practical part helps them learn how to ride a bike or improve their technique by riding between traffic cones. Depending on the ability and knowledge of our students, we sometimes organize small competitions, in order to motivate them to learn the rules and improve their bicycle riding skills.

The basics of chess

Chess lessons represent another intellectual workshop at our camps. Chess is an old complex strategy game, which is still played a lot. Though it may seem simple to some people, in order to win a game of chess, you need to apply a lot of strategic thinking. Victory isn’t the main goal of this workshop. We actually want to motivate our campers to think and play fair and, above all, have a lot of fun.

Art workshop

This workshop is dedicated to those who have talent and love for art, but might not have discovered it yet. Its aim is to inspire imagination and originality among children. It is adapted to all ages, so that all of them can direct their creativity in whichever direction they want to. Thanks to this workshop, the children learn that corn, flax, sesame and many other cereals and seeds are not only used for cooking, but also for decoration. After these workshops, their houses will certainly be enriched with some unique gifts.

Brainstorming games

The workshop is carried out by our associate DušanPejčić who is a teacher at the elementary school Miloš Crnjanski and a pioneer of animation in Serbia. Both the little ones and their teachers enjoy this interactive workshop that literally trains your brains. Children have the opportunity to learn about many interesting facts about the world, through different riddles and stories.

In order to find the right answer to some question, the children need to think really hard. Therefore, they actively participate in the search for a solution. From their perception of the world, every answer they give is logical and thoughtful. When they finally discover the correct answer, the information is easily memorized.

Chemical experiments

Children are fascinated by chemical experiments. Even if they are completely simple, the experiments leave a powerful impression on them and stay engraved in their memories, as something magical.

This was a sufficient reason for MOJ SUPER RASPUST to introduce this kind of workshop. Such activities help children to have a better understanding of many physics and chemistry concepts that are only theoretically dealt with in school… In our camps, the little ones love chemistry.

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