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Sport, recreation …

Sport is an extremely important part of every child’s growing upperiod. Sport is more than a game or discipline. The camp supports raising awareness of the need for physical activity, through which the team spirit and leadership qualities are built and strengthened (the field “Integration of children’s development through play” according to the program of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education).
Sport nourishes both the spirit and the body. Obesity is an increasing problem of the 21st century, and our goal is for the children to develop genuine love for sports and don’t succumb to obesity in the future, by leading sedentary lifestyles. Once they fall in love with sport, it will always be something they turn to.

Volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis ….

Children sometimes don’t have the opportunity to try these sports on their own. Therefore, all these group sports are organized within MOJ SUPER RASPUST camp.

Our experienced team of instructors, gathered around the project MOJ SUPER RASPUST enables all the activities in the camp to be realized in a professional and safe manner.


Archery is a bow and arrow shooting skill. This sport belongs to a group of the so-called “white sports”. Archery as a modern sport first appeared at the 2nd Olympic Games, in 1900 in Paris. It was officially included in three Olympics- in 1904, 1908 and 1920, and then it was taken off the program due to inconsistent rules. It was re-incorporated in the Olympic Games program in 1972 in Munich.


Fencing evolved from war martial arts, but as cold weapons have been abandoned over the course of time, it remained just a symbol of battles in the past. Through history fencing was taught in schools, and today it is a worldwide sport discipline, which combines strength, calmness and intelligence.

On MOJ SUPER RASPUST summer and winter camps, kids get the opportunity to enter the world of fencing, go back through history, learn new things and maybe even fall in love with this sport and continue practicing it afterwards. The coach of the Serbian fencing federation and professor at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education takes care that our campers get the best practice possible.

Pool games

Swimming pool games and more…Swimming… A professional instructor is here to show your child to the right path to proper swimming.

Basics gymnastics

Be sure that all those who don’t like gymnastics will definitely change their minds here….

Nordic skiing

Nordic skiing, also known as cross-country skiing is a variant that differs from regular skiing because heels can’t be attached to the skis. It is a skiing technique for flat snowy terrains rather than slopes. Its name comes from the Nordic countries where this discipline was invented. This Olympic sport represents an entertaining way of recreation.


Today, diving is one of the most commonly practiced sports… People have always wanted to descend below the water surface, be it simply out of curiosity or for more beneficial reasons such as recreation, hunting and military actions. Today, we cannot be completely certain when people first began to dive, but there are some evidence that it dates back to 5,000 years BC. The first material trace was found on an Assyrian relief from 885 BC, and diving is also mentioned in the manuscripts of the Greek historian Herodotus.

Winter camp MOJ SUPER RASPUST calls you to make your dreams come true!

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