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Recreation and adventure

Zip-line or descending down the wire

Zip Line was created hundreds of years ago, in the remote parts of South America as a way to use the natural slopes for transport of people and cargo. Wise natives used to tie up thick ropes to points at different heights and send the load down the canopies. After some time, they started using this system for personal transport. In the past few years, Zip Line has become a worldwide attraction and away of entertainment. Throughout the world, the most attractive locations are used for setting Zip Line wires: the rainforests of South America and the Far East, across the rivers and canyons of the United States, as well as lakes, bays and wherever nature provides unforgettable views…. The zip line wires vary from 100 meters to8 kilometers in length.

Quad riding in the polygon … on  grass or snow

Most children, especially boys, dream about driving a car one day … That’s why  MOJ SUPER RASPUST gives its super friends the chance to ride buggy vehicles – quads (4-wheel motorbikes) that are specially adapted to children. These attractive four-wheelers of modern design have a speed limit, so there is no fear that the kids might get scared or panic. On a terrain that is specially prepared for this activity, circled by tires for safety reasons, and with the presence of experienced instructors, children find themselves behind the wheel for the first time in their life. This opportunity raises their adrenaline and makes them smile.

Zorbing on  grass or snow 

Zorbing (globe-riding, sphereing, orbing) was invented in New Zealand nearly 20 years ago, and has been a popular form of entertainment, ever since. That is exactly why MOJ SUPER RASPUST embraced this sport and adapted it to its campers.

Zorbing is one of the most popular activities in our camp. The participants drive down a mild slope in a big rubber ball, with their safety belts fastened. Two children can comfortably accommodate in a ball that is 2m wide. During this activity, the children are constantly supervised by ourteam.

Bubble Football on grass or snow

Try playing football surrounded by a balloon. Although it sounds ridiculous, this activity is very entertaining due to its limited mobility and because each collision ends with rolling within the balloon. If you still don’t understand how it looks, these pictures speak for themselves…

Slip’N Slide  

Slip’N Slide was first created in 1961, in the famous Wham-O toy factory. It is made up of a long piece of thin plastic, which becomes very slippery when sprayed with water, and is used as a kind of a water slide.

In MOJ SUPER RASPUST camp, we constructed special terrains for Slip ‘N Slide. On one of its slopes there is a plastic trail, sprayed with soap. At the end of the track, there is a small pool filled with water.


Have you ever wondered how it feels to shoot from a real gun or pistol? Air soft is an activity that gives our campers the opportunity to shoot immovable targets from replicas of gas driven rifles and pistols. Instead of ammunition, small plastic balls are fired and children wait in line to try it out.

Winter camp MOJ SUPER RASPUST calls you to make your dreams come true!

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