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Nature and healthy life

Living in densely populated cities amidst heavy traffic, high air pollution and constant exposure to noise and stress have created the need to spend some time in nature surroundings (by the river, at  the seaside, in the mountains), at least once a year in order to maintain good health. Spending time on the mountain, eating homemade healthy food and enjoying entertainment without television, computers and phones, make the stay in our camps an ideal holiday and a real therapy. The goal of our camps is for the children to develop love for nature, and especially forthe mountains.

Young Scouts and orienteering

In this workshop, children learn how to orient themselves using maps and compasses. After listening carefully and learning the basic rules, they get a task to solve a riddle, thus collecting the numbers and letters they need to find the right way. Children are divided into competing teams that all follow their maps in order to win.

Orienteering is a sport in which the participants’ aim is to find a number of checkpoints with the help of a map and a compass, as soon as possible. They look for these checkpoints on an unknown field, in the sequencethey are drawn on the map.

Putting up a tent

Children love cottages, tents and hiding places. Probably there is no child in the world who has not tried to put up a tent or make a hiding place to play in.

At this workshop, children learn the basics of camping. Divided into small groups, with the constant supervision of the animators and collaboration with their team, they have the opportunity to raise tents and have a close look at camping in the countryside.

During this activity, children get acquainted with the necessary camping equipment and its use. They also learn about the benefits of staying in outdoors, away from the Internet and television.

Games without frontiers…

In hot summer days…

Horse Riding

We decided to surprise our little friends by giving them the opportunity to try this divine sport, which is very exclusive and unfortunately usually not available to wide population. No one remains immune to the charms ofequestrian sports.

Through history, horse riding has been used for traveling, hunting, warfare, sport and pleasure. Today, it isa recreational sport that includes a serious training process; however it can serve as a psychotherapy and fun for all ages.

To make sure the children are safe, they ride helpedby experienced instructors in whose presence the horses are calm and relaxed.

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