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My Super Birthday

Come celebrate with us a birthday to remember, because we will make it magical!!!

MOJ SUPER RASPUST in collaboration with Sports academy Senjak, is prepared to give our SUPER friends THEIR VERY OWN SUPER BIRTHDAY!

We organize children’s birthday parties at the Sports academy Senjak (http://www.sas.co.rs/).

The space intended for birthdays includes an activity hall and a café for parents, located within the Sports Academy Senjak..

At your request, MY SUPER BIRTHDAY can be organized in your area

The basic program includes children’s choreography, field sports, games without frontiers, verbal games, and mini discotheque.

The standard length of a birthday party is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

During the birthday celebration, children can also take part in various additional activities, which can be chosen by the parents, depending on the age and affinity of the children: Bubble football, Air Soft, archery, fencing, etc.

Kids (and parents) have access to 2 table tennis tables.

There are also activities that are intended for children less interested in sports, such as pottery, jewelry design, and shirt design.

Our SUPER animators are in charge of providing a good time and great fun. The children may already be familiar with many of them from our summer and winter SUPER holidays, at different destinations throughout Serbia.


All animators in charge of working with children have completed a specialized course for animators in tourism, organized by the  MOJ SUPER RASPUST Camp and the Serbian Recreation and Fitness Association.

Super surprise

Imagine a birthday where your host is a 2.5-meter robot! It will be a celebration, unlike any other!

Robot Optimus prime, the leader of the Auto bot from the film Transformers will be at your birthday party.

There are only 3 such robots in the world. One is found in America, the other is in China, and the third can be at your birthday party.

… Alternatively, the robot Optimus prime – Transformers. He is no ordinary robot. He speaks with the voice of a robot, sings a birthday song, and shines in the dark, and is about 2.7m tall.

…  Robots tall as humans are also available for parties; they can dance and take pictures with children…..


You can also opt for robots or fairies that are as tall as humans, and who can play and take pictures with children. 

For those looking for a more romantic atmosphere, an icy queen of 2.5 feet high, adorned with lights so she lights up in the dark.


Optimus Prime


The basic program for a birthday celebration includes: children’s choreography, field sports, games without frontiers, verbal games, mini discotheques, and more … as there are many additional activities

Bubble football

  • Play football in a fun way, inside a balloon
  • Bubble football is a fun activity due to limited mobility and because any collision ends with you rolling around in the balloon.
  • Suitable for children of age 4


  • The skill of using a bow and arrow. This is primarily an individual sport that requires calmness, patience, perservence, concentration.
  • We provide bows and arrows suitable for children
  • Suitable for children of age 6

Air soft

  • Airsoft is an activity where children shoot immovable targets with rifle replicas that have a battery drive. The guns fire small plastic balls
  • Suitable for children of age 5


  • This is a widespread sport found throughout the world, which combines strength, calmness and intelligence.
  • We offer fencing equipment suitable for children
  • Suitable for children of age 4 .

Table tennis

  • Children have access to 2 table tennis tables


  • Clay shaping on a genuine potter’s wheel

Jewelry design

  • A wonderful memory of your birthday party for all to remember…
  • Children can try their hand at jewelry design.

Shirt design

  • For some SUPER memories from your birthday, design your own shirt with professional non-rinse-colors.

Balloon modelling

  • Our SUPER animators can make a variety of fun things out of balloons.
  • Špaklica – ice cream rolls



  • Dezzert&Co. – cakes and cookies



  • Catering


  • Photograher – official photographer MySuper Holiday Foto Video Sale



  • Đirđevak decoration