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International Summer School & Camp

We would like to present the International Summer School & Camp, Divcibare and Lepenski Vir. We offer you certified Cambridge International Examination program for studying the English language based on games and crafts, while supporting learning through discovery in the international summer camp.

Teachers are certified by Cambridge International Examination Center.

Programs are held during the summer of 2018 in two locations in Serbia: Divcibare mountain and archaeological site Lepenski vir. International Summer School and Camp is for children aged 8-14 years.

The program implies learning English through research activities, learning through discovery, play and creativity in a supportive and secure environment. The main goal of the project is that children acquire an experience worth remembering by mastering competencies in English, exploring localities, sports and creative activities.

In addition to intensive English language learning through a real context, children can participate in a variety of additional activities: hiking, sports activities, swimming, archery, orienteering, zip line, diving, baggage riding, climbing artificial rock, riding and various games that encourages team spirit.

During the program, participants at the disposal will have the rooms of the Hotel Divcibare, Maljen and Lepenski Vir, the hotel’s sports facilities, swimming pools and modernly designed areas that suit the needs of children. Hotel Lepenski Vir with its infrastructure enables quality organization and realization of sports preparations for football, basketball, volleyball and water polo within the offered English language program.

You can download the brochure for the International Summer School & Camp program Divcibare and Lepenski vir, with a detailed overview of the activities as well as a booking form.

Brochure and booking form



们很高兴为您介绍位于Divcibare山和Lepenski vir的国际暑期学校&夏令们为您提供认证的剑桥国际考试大纲,包括基于游戏和工艺的学习英语课程,在一种国际化夏令营中通过发现辅助促进学习。师均通过剑桥国际考试中心认证。课程计划于2018年暑假期间在塞尔维亚两处位置举行:Divcibare山和Lepenski vir考古遗址。际暑期学校&夏令营针对8-14岁的儿童。




课程计划参与期间,参与学生可以住在Divcibare酒店、Maljen酒店和Lepenski vir酒店。酒店的体育设施、游泳池和现代设计区域满足儿童的需要。 Lepenski Vir酒店的基础设施可以在提供的英语语言课程计划内开展高质量的足球、篮球、排球和水球活动。

请参见附件Divcibare山和Lepenski vir暑期学校&夏令营目录,包括所有活动的详细概述。