MOJ SUPER RASPUST 2016- A new workshop during the summer camp

This year, for the first time during the summer camp, “MOJ SUPER RASPUST” organized a workshop on the topic- Childhood fears as inhibitors (brakes) of progress in development and learning! The workshop was very successful.

During growing up children go through stages which are accompanied by different fears that they need to deal with. This workshop teaches children how to overcome a variety of fears, such as fear of school, fear of rejection, fear of presentation what they had learned to teachers and their friends, and many others ….

Another thing you should know about chess

The first Chess Olympiad was held in 1927 in London and was organized by FIDE, and has since been held every couple of years. Before World War I, it was sometimes held every year. Although chess is featured in the sports of many countries around the world, it is still not recognized as an Olympic sport. Nevertheless, today FIDE is a member of the International Olympic Committee and adheres to its rules. This means that chess could become an Olympic discipline in the future, although most experts believe that this will not happen. Yugoslavia hosted the Chess Olympiad in 1950, 1972 and 1990.