The legend about chess and why campers love the chess school

There are many stories about chess, game of wisdom, strategy and intelligence. The legend about the emergence of chess, known as the story of “chess and rice,” is especially interesting.

King Shahram was a real tyrant. He ruled his kingdom negligently and arrogantly, and didn’t care about his people. He acted as if he didn’t need them at all. A wise man, called Sisi ben Dahiru decided to invent a game that would show the bad king that he can’t rule without the people and that the “small” pawn can conquer many superior figures. That’s how the game of chess was invented.

The King liked the game, studied the figures and the rules, and as time passed he became enchanted with it. He realized that by playing chess he learned a lot. After some time, he invited Sisi ben Dahiru to reward him for the miraculous game he invented. He told the wise man that he would give him whatever he wanted.

The answer he got was simple, seemingly modest, and wise- just as Dahiru’s nature. He asked the King to give him wheat as a reward- one grain for the first field, two for the second, and for each subsequent field double more… The King began to count: one grain, two grains, four grains, eight grains, sixteen grains … He told the wise man that this was too small a reward for a great invention, such as chess, but as Sisi ben Dahiru remained at his will, the king agreed to pay him the prize he wanted.

The king ordered his servants to calculate how many grains of wheat should be paid. When they calculated this, they told the king that the prize could not be paid. He didn’t believe this until they showed him how they calculated this… 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 wheat grains had to be paid. Such a great amount of wheat could not have been found in the whole world. Even if wheat grew on the complete surface of land and sea, it would not have been enough to pay off the prize.

Let your children grow into wise people as the one from the legend. “MOJ SUPER RASPUST” camp organizes chess classes in which children will have a blast and learn a lot about this ancient game.