4 reasons to send your child to “MOJ SUPER RASPUST” camp

Camps for primary school children are relatively new in our country. Since the appearance of summer and winter “MOJ SUPER RASPUST” camps, parents in Serbia have become able to provide their children with an unforgettable and completely safe break from school with their teachers, professional instructors and other camp staff.

“MOJ SUPER RASPUST” camps are always organized during school break periods. There are many reasons for your child to stay in our camp. Apart from socializing and entertainment we insist on a variety of different healthy outdoor activities, designed by our professional team.

“MOJ SUPER RASPUST” camp activities are grouped into four different categories:

  1. Nature and healthy lifestyle
    2. Sport, recreation and adventure
    3. Workshops or outdoor classrooms
    4. Fun

The price of the winter camp in the promotional period until November 15 starts from only 191€